Covid 19

I have interviewed 3 people in the Northeast who will remain nameless who had or thought they had the corona virus.

Patient 1 – Will refer to as P1: Age 40: Normally healthy no previous illnesses

In February P1 was at a work meeting for a few day in a large city. P1 started feeling sick 3 days after returning home from the meeting. Symptoms were body aches, dry cough, chest fullness, headache and a fever. P1 went to the doctor and the Dr. pretty much dismissed it and was sent home.

P1 tried to tough it out but then began to notice a fever was 103 and had trouble breathing. P1 went to the ER where they didn’t have any test kits to test for Covid 19. They did a chest xray which showed pneumonia in 1 lung. P1 was sent home after 1 day with antiobiotics. A few days later P1 returned to the ER where a test was administered and registered positive for Covid 19. IV fluids were given and some oxygen. Again sent home after a few hours. To recap: Fever, weakness, body aches and totally exhausted for 14 days. Finally feeling “better” however now her 2 family members have become ill with the same symptoms.

Patient 2: P2: Age 56. Started with a scratchy throat, fever, and then it escalated quickly into difficult breathing. Went to the ER, tested positive for Covid 19 and was admitted. Chest xray showed pneumonia. Hospitalized for 4 days. Sent home with meds and bed rest orders. P2 explained an excruciating head ache like never known before. Tylenol, motrin, advil, nothing would even begin to relieve the pain. The fever left P2 dehydrated and weak. The symptoms continued for 8 days. Today P2 was well enough to speak on the phone with me. P2 was taking a nap 2 times a day and has issues even walking down the driveway to get the mail. P2 feels the symptoms are getting better.

Patient 3: Age 59. Awoke with a head ache and sinus pressure and pain. P3 is known for occasional migraines. They especially occur around April when the tree pollen is at it’s highest. P3 took the usual dose of the migraine medicine and it didn’t work. P3 laid down and napped. After a few hours of napping woke up soaked in sweat. P3 tried to stand up only to tell me legs felt like they were filled with sand and so weak couldn’t stand. Pounding headache. P3 made it to the shower where the warm water helped with the congestion however the water hitting on the top of P3’s head hurt. It felt like the water was directly going into the brain nerves. It was like nothing ever experienced before. P3 called the doctor and a nurse called back within 15 minutes. Symptoms were discussed and the nurse advised P3 to go the ER if symptoms didn’t get better. A few days later, no relief at all. P3 began to vomit and couldn’t keep anything down, not even water.

P3 called the dr which this time the dr wanted to face time with P3. They went over symptoms. No fever, but so many odd symptoms. Body aches, severe head ache and muscle weakness. It didn’t sound the the typical Covid 19. P3 was advised to go to the ER if not better. 8 days later, the symptoms started to improve. P3 is still weak and tired but improving. P3 told me the story of how 2 weeks earlier they took a trip to pick up a college student who was on spring break down south. That college student was complaining of a sore throat and a slight cough but recovered within 2 days with no fever. No Covid 19 test was administered.