Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty Can we adopt you?

We found this black and white stray cat in our back yard. It was so very friendly!! It followed us around everywhere the whole day. When we went inside it sat on the top of the front step wanting to come in the house. It was meowing like crazy. I say “it” because i wasn’t sure if it was a male or a female. We immediately posted the lost cat on and also on the local town facebook page.

We took turns feeding him small amounts of chicken. Yes, chicken. The same scrumptious, juicy, delicious chicken my dad had just taken off the rotisserie grill outside. He/she ate it like it hadn’t had a good meal in months. That is why we fed it small amounts so it wouldn’t throw it up.

The cat lingered around from Sunday to yesterday (Tuesday). We knew it was going to get cold outside so we were hoping and praying for news from it’s family. Tuesday came and the cat was still outside on our doorstep. My parents decided to let him in the house because the neighbors Tom cat was trying to attack the kind, sweet, gentle, friendly cat. My dad opened the door and the cat casually walked into the house like he owned the place. He walked down the hallway and laid on the bed in the guest room. After all, he was a guest. When dinner time came around, he woke up from his “catnap” and sat on my dads lap as he was trying to eat his dinner. Just about then, the phone rang. Who could it be? My mom answered the phone and we heard her explaining the we did find a cat……………..Could it be??????? Yes, it was someone that thought it may be their cat. The pet was actually recognized through the Sterling, CT town website / forum. The cat belonged to a family with small children. They recently moved and the cat got out. He (yes HE) had been missing for 6 weeks!!!!! He was at least 3-5 miles from his new home. The owner that called us about the cat described him to a “T”. She said his name is Timmy.

We texted the owner a few more photos and she said she is sure that was him but didn’t want to tell her children until her husband came to see the cat to make sure. And to make a happy story even happier, the cat was in fact their lost cat Timmy.

I was asked to do a follow up email to to answer some questions. They wanted to know:

Q-How were you able to capture the lost pet?
A-We didn’t capture it, he captured us (our hearts) We knew we had to find the owner of this cat. He had a Seresto Flea collar on so we knew where ever he came from the family cared about him.

Q-How were you able to reunite this pet with its owner?
A-We took pictures of the cat and posted it on Pawboost and the Sterling, CT town/forum website. We got many hits from Pawboost and so many shares and comments. People that visit your site are very kind and caring people.

Q-Was PawBoost able to help?
A-Pawboost is a great site to raise awareness of missing pets and also to help reunite the owners with their pets. Although it didn’t help finding this particular cat, I will still use it and visit the site frequently. I travel every day for work in my car 100’s of miles. I am always on the look out for stray animals. When I do see one, I always look at your site to see if I can possibly help.

Q-Would you recommend PawBoost to a friend?


Q-A-If so, why?

A-Pawboost is an excellent resource to post and find lost pets. There are so many shares and it can reach millions of people!

I would recommend somehow link their lost and found animals to the city/town where the cat was found through the facebook link such as this one

Healing the heart after the loss of a pet

It will be 4 weeks tomorrow at 4:30 pm that we lost our precious Marcus. He was our first dog. I didn’t want to use the word “was” because that means he’s not here anymore. I still sob when I think of him and how adorable, fun, energetic and amazing he was. There’s that word again……….Was. Ugh. Cancer in dogs is so common. I joined a facebook group dogs with cancer and I was shocked at how many dogs are affected by cancer. Is it the food we fed them? How about the pesticides used on the lawns? Even if YOU do not use them, maybe your neighbors do. Their precious little noses are always sniffing the ground and inhaling the toxic chemicals used for pest control and weed control. Could it be genetic? Over breeding?

How do you heal your heart and move forward? Should we rescue another dog? Is it too early? Would I love the new rescue like Marcus? Would it make me feel better? How would bringing another dog into the house so soon affect the other dogs we already have? The only way to answer that question is to move forward. And so we did.

I know Marcus would like us to honor his memory. He is the one who inspired us to rescue dogs. We started in 2009 rescuing dogs and donating time and money to the shelters because of his sweetness and fun personality.

Here is the newest rescue. His name is Prince Harry. We adopted him from a local breeder that is retiring the dog. They were very picky (as they should be) in who they gave him to. We were luck enough to be chosen. I here by announce the new member of our household….Prince Harry, King Charles Cavalier

He is so different than the terriers that we have rescued. He is more calm, has a bit of separation anxiety however he is getting much better with each and every passing day.

I know our Marcus would be proud of us for helping yet another dog. I will miss my boy forever and 2 days. And yes, I am crying now .

Auto Immune Disease In Dogs Genetic Correlation? Puppy Strangles

Strangles. What on earth is that? Auto Immune Disorder

It is an autoimmune disorder in puppies. Symptoms occur between 3 weeks to 4 months of age. If left untreated it results in severe scaring and in rare cases, even death. Breeds susceptible to the disease include golden retrievers, Mini Daschshounds & Siberian Husky’s. It is not contagious and unlikely to recur once treated properly and quickly. With the combination of prednisone and an antibiotic, it will give your puppy the best chance for a full recovery.

The disease is also called juvenile cellulitis. The symptoms are as follows; swollen face, eyes, muzzle, sores on face, inside ears, mouth, and in severe cases it affects the anus and genital area. The sores may burst and crust over. If it involves the puppy’s ears, they will smell very foul. The puppy’s lymph nodes are also affected. Other symptoms are fever, poor appetite, and lethargy. Your puppy may also experience joint pain.

When diagnosing a puppy with strangles, It can sometimes be tricky because it does look like a staph infection which is a bacterial infection. To get an accurate diagnosis make sure your Vet takes a swab of the areas infected and examine it. Make sure it’s not mites, ringworm or any other skin issue or allergy.

8 Week Old Lab/Doodle Puppy. She had sores everywhere! Ears, nose, eyes, and all over her “private area”.


Treatment involves aggressive autoimmune drugs, antiobiotics, to prevent secondary bacterial infections, and its very important to keep all lesions clean and dry. Ask you vet about a hydrogen peroxide diluted solution to keep the infected areas clean.

When your puppy is on the steroid, they will experience stronger than usual hunger. It’s a side affect of the medication. Some people will give them a little more food than usual, but NOT ALOT MORE. It’s important to keep him/her comfortable after all they are just babies and so dependent on their new owners. Keep the cone head on when ever possible. Excessive licking only adds to the problem.

The more I research this “RARE” issue in Labradoodle, the more I see people posting the same type of stories, so how rare is this actually?

This particular dog is much better now. She is 8 months old now and feeling and looking much better. She is no longer on steroid or any medicine. The condition was caught very early.

New Puppy And Small Dog Dangers

When the weather gets warmer and we are all outside walking our dogs and spending alot of time enjoying the warm weather and sunshine, be mindful and aware of your surroundings.  Spring time brings out many new predators for our small dogs and puppies.  Ticks, mosquitos, coyotes, fisher cats, fox, hawks, falcons and owls. 

I see so many new puppies in the neighborhood over the past week. I also see them tied to trees as the owners rake their yards or see them running around the invisible fence.

What is to stop a predator from snatching a small puppy out of the yard while the owner isn’t paying attention. An invisible fence can be deadly to a puppy or small dog. Predators can get in and the dog can’t get out or escape. It’s trapped.

One predator that is especially vicious is the Fisher Cat. They are from the weasel family and are increasing in numbers in the United States. THEY WILL ATTACK YOUR PET. They also target chickens.    Photos of fisher cats:;_ylt=AwrJ7JbltbFcHiYAAIVXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTB0N2Noc21lBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNwaXZz?p=photo+of+fisher+cat&fr2=piv-web&fr=mcafee
Strange how the name of this animal is fisher cat.  It’s neither a fish or a cat.  Where did it come from?  It came from the word fitch which is a European pole cat.

To keeping fisher cats away, remove food that will draw them to your home. Fisher cats are predators that are attracted by food. They eat berries and fruit when it’s available.  However, the fisher cat favors meat, but also might be attracted to bird feeders, seed beneath the feeders, or water sources in the yard.

Fisher cats are extremely vicious predators.  Your small pet will not be any match for them. Fisher cats have been known to stalk and kill house pets.
It has been know that fisher cats go after and kill cats.  Keep your cat indoors, as well as any small dogs.  Do NOT leave any pet unattended. Larger dogs may actually keep fisher cats away. Remove decaying organic materials from your yard. Fisher cats will nest in this, such as logs, stumps & brush.

Trim your brushes and trees. Mow the lawn regularly so that they have fewer hiding places.

From 2011 however a good read

Brown Bats

One warm fall evening I was down in my basement taking the dogs out into their fenced in area to do their business before bed.  As I walked down the stairs, turned the corner, I could have sworn I heard something fly by my head like a small drone or something with wings?  I dismissed it because I had 2 glasses of wine.  Oops my bad.   I went back upstairs and forgot about it.

I forgot about it until it happened 3 nights later.  What on earth could that be flying around in my basement?  I ran upstairs and shut the door.  The next day I looked all over the basement without finding anything.  Again, I figured I was hearing things.

Fast forward from October to a VERY COLD December.  I was once again in the cellar taking the dogs out. 

I happened to glance up at the tall ceiling that led up to the garage.  What did my wondering eyes did I see, but a hairy blob of something huddled in the corner.  I was hoping it was just a large gathering of dust.  The more I looked at it, the more it looked like it had hair.  I ran upstairs and got my camera.  I zoomed in on it and took several photos.  I blew the photos up on the computer so i could see what it was.

It was a brown bat.   Brown bat images It must have flown into the garage and then made it’s way into the cellar when the doors were open back on that warm day in October.  I was grossed out but also delighted I wasn’t imagining things after only 2 glasses of wine.  Things flying around my head in the basement in the dark is very scarey.

Now I am thinking.  How on earth will I get that out of my house?   I grabbed a large fishing net and managed to get it into the net.  It sort of just fell into the net like it was sleeping.  

Don’t worry about the next part, because (spoiler alert) the brown bat lived.

I ran outside with the bat in the net and tossed both the net and the bat out into the cold snow.  As I started to close the door behind me I turned around to look at the bat.  It was shivering and cold.  I felt so bad.  Even though I was scared and had the heebie jeebies  Urban Dictionary  I ended up bringing the bat back inside, but just into the garage.  I placed it into a shoe box with a cover. I went back into the house and did some research on how to care for a bat.  There were so many websites and great information.   I was able to warm up a potato, put it in the box next to the bat to keep it warm.  Of course it was still out in the garage in case it got loose.

After about 20 minutes of research I found out that there are people who actually take in the bats in the winter (or anytime) and rehab them.

I was so exited.  I found a semi local place to take the bat.  It was an hour away.  Oh yeah, just what I wanted to do on a Sunday.  I had no choice though.  I love animals and couldn’t bare to see the poor thing die.  

I went back into the garage to check on the bat only to hear it flopping around in the shoe box.  Oh wow, I woke it up from it’s hibernation with the warm potato.  I called the phone number from the website and spoke to the lady who rehabs bats.  She said to bring it right over.  

My husband and I got into the truck and drove an hour to Greenfield, Mass where we met with the very nice lady.  She carefully opened the cover of the box and picked up the brown bat.  She stroked it gently and talked to it.  She told me it was just a baby.  She then explained how she would hydrate the bat and then take it up to her bat room and let it go back into hibernation until the spring when she would release it.  

I was proud of myself for overcoming the stereotypes of bats and looking into how to save instead of just tossing it outside.  

There are so many things bats are good for.  Insect and mosquito control are very important along with spreading polen

My dad made me a bat house as a gift.  Thank you Dad!!  I of course had to decorate it with bats. 

Rescue Me Part 1 of a 5 Part Series Rescue Dogs

March 2008: One of my very good friends got an adorable little Morkie puppy named Chloe.  She is the sweetest little girl!  I asked her where she got the puppy and she told me Dayville, CT.  We were thinking about getting a dog but weren’t sure yet. Below is a picture of Chloe. She is not a rescue dog but she lead to my husband and I rescuing many dogs.


December 2008:  We purchased our first dog in December of 2008 from the same breeder my friend got her dog,  out of Honeybrook, Pa, but picked the dog up in Dayville, CT at a place called Triple Oak Kennel.  I called and made an appointment with the breeder and  told her we were JUST LOOKING  for a Morkie.  We were certain we wanted a dog but we were thinking of getting one in the Spring and were just looking at that particular breed due to their small size and gentle, kind disposition.Pet Finder 

When we arrived at the location she was well prepared and had 3 Morkies in a pen in her kitchen.  2 females and 1 male.  I didn’t really want a male due to the fact males mark all over, however, when I looked at the 3 of them, I said “Okay, which one of YOU wants to come home with ME?”  2 of the larger puppies were hiding in the corner shaking and then this tiny, black and tan pup walked right up to me and looked at me with these cute little eyes.  He was barely 2 pounds.  Then he put his paws up as high as he could possibly reach to greet me.  I picked him up and we cuddled for a while.  Then I realized it was a MALE.  Oh, geeze, I didn’t want a male.  I looked down at him as he cuddled against my chest and he nuzzled his little nose inside my coat; after all it was December and it was cold.  We were both perfectly comfortable with each other.  Needless to say we bonded instantly and took him with us.  

The first stop was because obviously we were JUST LOOKING for a dog.  A crate, puppy food, toys, treats and a brush =’s $200+ later.

He slept all the way home.  Elevated Pet Bed 

We named him Marcus and he is a Morkie.  Maltese / Yorkie mix.  This is what he looked like when we first picked him up. 

The first night was difficult as he cried alot and was scared.  I didn’t want to get him into the habit of sleeping in our bed so I kept the crate close to the bed and kept I leaning down and petting him to comfort him.  Needless to say we didn’t get much rest that night.  The 2nd night was just as bad.  My husband said “Oh Sharon, just let him sleep in the bed just this one time, we all need to sleep”.  Fast forward to 9+ years later and guess where “our boy” sleeps.  Yup, cuddled up every night with Mommy and Daddy in his/our bed.