Rescue Me Part 3 of a 5 Part Series Rescue Dogs

September 2010 –  Looks like we are at it again.  We are so blessed and happy with our 2 dogs we decided to look for just ONE more.  Once again went on and narrowed our choice down to a little white female cairn mix  cairn-terrier.  The shelter called her “Tonks #186”.  She looked so thin, timid, shy and scared in her photo.  Her eyes looked so SAD.   I was instantly drawn to her.

I drove down to view #186.  The shelter had many dogs and it was a bit loud with all the exicited barking.  After all, the dogs were happy to see a new human with the hope she will pick ME. I looked in each pen trying to find  #186.  After about 3 minutes I saw her.  She was all curled up sleeping on an elevated cot type pet bed.   How could she possibly sleep through all the excitement going on?  The facility was clean and well kept.  The staff was very helpful.

Elevated Pet Bed. 

Friend of New Haven Animal Shelter

I said “Hey, sweet girl, how are you?”  She jumped off the bed, ran over to me and licked my hand for at least 5 minutes.  She got up on her hind legs and I was able to rub her little belly through the fence.  I stayed for about 30 minutes, then told her I had to go home and tell Marcus and Riley they are going to have a new sister.   As I turned to walk away, she started to whimper.  I looked back at her and said “Don’t worry, I promise I will be back to get you“.

The way the facility was set up, the dogs had an indoor pen and they also had access to the outside.  As I was walking back to the adoption center, #186 ran out to the outside pen and followed me until I was out of site.  I met with the adoption staff and told them I wanted to adopt her.  The staff asked me if I had any other pets.  I replied, “Yes, I have 2 other dogs”.  She asked if I could bring them down to meet #186 prior to adoption due to the fact she wanted to make sure they got along.  That meeting was arranged for Friday and my husband would be back down with our other 2 dogs as I would be at a trade show that day.  It is so important to make sure your other dogs get along with the new dog you bring into your home.  They need to meet on neutral ground which they did on Friday.

Fast forward to the next day…..So there I was at my trade show, keeping busy and not knowing what is going on at home.  Then my phone rang.   It was my husband calling.  I said “What’s the scoop, did they get along”.  My husband replied, “No, Marcus didn’t like her and they scuffled a bit so they wouldn’t let me take her home. ”  I wanted to CRY!!!!  I held it in, finished my show and drove home.  I was feeling extra bad because it was my birthday.

I walked into the house with my head down and bummed out.   My 2 dogs, Marcus and Riley greeted me with open paws and lots of kisses.  They could tell I was sad.  I sat on the floor talking to them and petting them.  Then all of a sudden I heard a whimper coming out of another room. I was like … “WHAT IS THAT NOISE”?    I thought to myself, that sounds like #186!!!!!!!!!!      I ran into the dining room and saw YOU KNOW WHO #186 in a crate in the dining room.  I didn’t know whether to go kick my husband or hug #186. So I did both  LOL!  Hubby wanted to surprise me for my birthday and boy did he ever succeed.

I let her out of the crate and was overloaded with kisses and little barks of excitement.  She rolled over and I rubbed her skinny, little belly.    I gave her a big hug and a special treat.   Also, time for a new dog tag holder Tag Holder 

I will certainly need some more of these!  Doggie Waste Bags 

#186 has a new name.  Amber.   She gets along with the other 2 dogs and now that she is use to the surroundings she has become a bit mischievous.  She loves toilet paper and trash.  She has quickly trained us humans to pay more attention.  She is a total pleasure to have around.


Each and every morning when I take her out of her create, I rub her belly just like the first day we met.

Before and After.  Look at the difference in her eyes.  Cautious to HAPPY!!!

Rescue Dog with Marcus

Momma’s little cookie girl
Did somebody say COOKIE?

Dog Treats  Click ME

Rescue Me Part 2 of a 5 Part Series Rescue Dogs

Oh boy, I am going to have a sister!!

Oh boy, I am going to have a sister friend to play with soon!

Pet finder   I love this site because you can check all the boxes to filter what kind of pet you want.  Breed, age, gender, good with kids, good with other dogs, cats, etc. This is a good place to start to find your rescue dog or other animals.

We knew we wanted a dog similar to the Maltese Yorkie we already had so we checked all the applicable boxes and came up with at least 30 eligible dogs.  The dog we ended up picking was named Rinney and she was from Mississippi.  She was rescued by a kind lady named Shelly from Double Dog Rescue  Shelly found Rinney in an animal control facility.  You see Rinney was placed in there because she developed a heart murmur and could no longer produce the profitable puppies she had so willingly gave birth to for many years.  She was pregnant most of her life and lived in a crate.  What a crappy way to repay this beautiful pure breed dog for all her work!!  Only 3 years old too. Anyway, thanks to the efforts of Shelly and her team Rinney was rescued and put in a foster home until we contacted her and asked to adopt her.  I was a bit nervous adopting a dog from just a picture and site unseen.  I spent an hour on the phone talking about the dog with Shelly and she in turn gave me the name of the foster mother and then we talked on the phone for another hour.  My mind was made up.  We wanted her!  Now the question, how does Rinney get from Mississippi to Massachusetts?

Easy!  There is this awesome pet express bus that takes the animals that are adopted and drives them to different locations all over the east coast.  I recall waiting in the commuter lot in Glastonbury, Connecticut with at least 50 other excited “new parents” waiting for the transport bus.  As the bus drove in it sounded it’s horn and everyone clapped!  One by one the animals were brought out of their crates and a name of the new parents were called.  Finally they called our name.  We walked up the ramp and slowly and gently held our new rescue dog.  We took her for a walk around the lot and then made our journey to her new home. As you can see, she needed some gentle grooming but otherwise was in excellent shape.

I didn’t want to stress her out with a grooming until she was comfortable with us and her new home.  We waited a few weeks for that.

She was quite shy for the first week.  She would go into her crate and stay there for the first few days.  She would only come out to eat and go potty.  I was worried something was wrong with her or she didn’t like us.  Then I thought, Ohhhhh, that is what she is use to.  Remember she was in a crate most of her life having puppies.  She didn’t know how to play.

Slowly but surely Rinney came out of her crate to explore and sniff butts with Marcus.  Within a week, they trusted each other enough to hang out on the same pillow

We weren’t too fond of the name Rinney and she never really responded to that name when we called her so we changed it to Riley.

She loves Aimee, our daughter.  When they first met, Riley got up on her back paws and had her front paws in the air like a horse or pony My little pony

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-4.png

Riley has a new nick name  “My Little Pony”  When we say “Riley do your Pony dance…She will stand up on her hind legs and dance.  It’s so cute!

Starting to look more like a Yorkie.  She feels like a princess with her hair all done.  Surprisingly enough, NO MORE heart murmur.  Clean bill of health from the vet.

Mississippi born and raised Massachusetts strong and loved Yes, I need another hair cut

Rescue Me Part 1 of a 5 Part Series Rescue Dogs

March 2008: One of my very good friends got an adorable little Morkie puppy named Chloe.  She is the sweetest little girl!  I asked her where she got the puppy and she told me Dayville, CT.  We were thinking about getting a dog but weren’t sure yet. Below is a picture of Chloe. She is not a rescue dog but she lead to my husband and I rescuing many dogs.


December 2008:  We purchased our first dog in December of 2008 from the same breeder my friend got her dog,  out of Honeybrook, Pa, but picked the dog up in Dayville, CT at a place called Triple Oak Kennel.  I called and made an appointment with the breeder and  told her we were JUST LOOKING  for a Morkie.  We were certain we wanted a dog but we were thinking of getting one in the Spring and were just looking at that particular breed due to their small size and gentle, kind disposition.Pet Finder 

When we arrived at the location she was well prepared and had 3 Morkies in a pen in her kitchen.  2 females and 1 male.  I didn’t really want a male due to the fact males mark all over, however, when I looked at the 3 of them, I said “Okay, which one of YOU wants to come home with ME?”  2 of the larger puppies were hiding in the corner shaking and then this tiny, black and tan pup walked right up to me and looked at me with these cute little eyes.  He was barely 2 pounds.  Then he put his paws up as high as he could possibly reach to greet me.  I picked him up and we cuddled for a while.  Then I realized it was a MALE.  Oh, geeze, I didn’t want a male.  I looked down at him as he cuddled against my chest and he nuzzled his little nose inside my coat; after all it was December and it was cold.  We were both perfectly comfortable with each other.  Needless to say we bonded instantly and took him with us.  

The first stop was because obviously we were JUST LOOKING for a dog.  A crate, puppy food, toys, treats and a brush =’s $200+ later.

He slept all the way home.  Elevated Pet Bed 

We named him Marcus and he is a Morkie.  Maltese / Yorkie mix.  This is what he looked like when we first picked him up. 

The first night was difficult as he cried alot and was scared.  I didn’t want to get him into the habit of sleeping in our bed so I kept the crate close to the bed and kept I leaning down and petting him to comfort him.  Needless to say we didn’t get much rest that night.  The 2nd night was just as bad.  My husband said “Oh Sharon, just let him sleep in the bed just this one time, we all need to sleep”.  Fast forward to 9+ years later and guess where “our boy” sleeps.  Yup, cuddled up every night with Mommy and Daddy in his/our bed.