Generac Generator

We have lost power so many times in the past 10 years I have lost count.

Ice storms, a tornado, hurricanes and one particular nasty snow/ice storm in October a few years back.  We were without power for 10 days!!!!  Luckily we have a wood stove however it didn’t heat the whole house.  Our poor rescue dogs were not happy. My rescues Dark and cold 

If dark and cold isn’t bad enough, we lost all of our frozen and refrigerated food several times over the years.  Thousands of dollars in food thrown away. 

We finally decided to get a generator.  We wanted one that powered the entire house which is just shy of 4,000 sf.  My husband did a lot of research and we decided on the Generac 7042.  We signed the contract back in early August of 2018.  It took quite a few weeks for the generator to come in.  It was around 2 months.  Once it did, our contractor contacted us to set up the installation.   Keep in mind, you’ll have to set aside a few days to let the contractors do their work.  They need access to your electrical panel and run the gas line. 

Day 1,  the pad went down along with the generator, a few days later the plumber came over to do his hook up.  Once the plumber was done, the electrician came back over to set the system up and to do a test run.  He took his time and explained how the system works and even set up the wi-fi and assisted with the phone app.  The app is amazing.  If there is an issue with the generator both the electrician and I know it even if we aren’t home. 

It’s a huge comfort knowing we have the generator if we ever lose power again.