Brown Bats

One warm fall evening I was down in my basement taking the dogs out into their fenced in area to do their business before bed.  As I walked down the stairs, turned the corner, I could have sworn I heard something fly by my head like a small drone or something with wings?  I dismissed it because I had 2 glasses of wine.  Oops my bad.   I went back upstairs and forgot about it.

I forgot about it until it happened 3 nights later.  What on earth could that be flying around in my basement?  I ran upstairs and shut the door.  The next day I looked all over the basement without finding anything.  Again, I figured I was hearing things.

Fast forward from October to a VERY COLD December.  I was once again in the cellar taking the dogs out. 

I happened to glance up at the tall ceiling that led up to the garage.  What did my wondering eyes did I see, but a hairy blob of something huddled in the corner.  I was hoping it was just a large gathering of dust.  The more I looked at it, the more it looked like it had hair.  I ran upstairs and got my camera.  I zoomed in on it and took several photos.  I blew the photos up on the computer so i could see what it was.

It was a brown bat.   Brown bat images It must have flown into the garage and then made it’s way into the cellar when the doors were open back on that warm day in October.  I was grossed out but also delighted I wasn’t imagining things after only 2 glasses of wine.  Things flying around my head in the basement in the dark is very scarey.

Now I am thinking.  How on earth will I get that out of my house?   I grabbed a large fishing net and managed to get it into the net.  It sort of just fell into the net like it was sleeping.  

Don’t worry about the next part, because (spoiler alert) the brown bat lived.

I ran outside with the bat in the net and tossed both the net and the bat out into the cold snow.  As I started to close the door behind me I turned around to look at the bat.  It was shivering and cold.  I felt so bad.  Even though I was scared and had the heebie jeebies  Urban Dictionary  I ended up bringing the bat back inside, but just into the garage.  I placed it into a shoe box with a cover. I went back into the house and did some research on how to care for a bat.  There were so many websites and great information.   I was able to warm up a potato, put it in the box next to the bat to keep it warm.  Of course it was still out in the garage in case it got loose.

After about 20 minutes of research I found out that there are people who actually take in the bats in the winter (or anytime) and rehab them.

I was so exited.  I found a semi local place to take the bat.  It was an hour away.  Oh yeah, just what I wanted to do on a Sunday.  I had no choice though.  I love animals and couldn’t bare to see the poor thing die.  

I went back into the garage to check on the bat only to hear it flopping around in the shoe box.  Oh wow, I woke it up from it’s hibernation with the warm potato.  I called the phone number from the website and spoke to the lady who rehabs bats.  She said to bring it right over.  

My husband and I got into the truck and drove an hour to Greenfield, Mass where we met with the very nice lady.  She carefully opened the cover of the box and picked up the brown bat.  She stroked it gently and talked to it.  She told me it was just a baby.  She then explained how she would hydrate the bat and then take it up to her bat room and let it go back into hibernation until the spring when she would release it.  

I was proud of myself for overcoming the stereotypes of bats and looking into how to save instead of just tossing it outside.  

There are so many things bats are good for.  Insect and mosquito control are very important along with spreading polen

My dad made me a bat house as a gift.  Thank you Dad!!  I of course had to decorate it with bats.