It’s that time of year again in New England, SPRING. It’s time to start thinking about planting.

This blog will explain how to plant a butterfly garden that will attract many different kinds of butterflies.

First, you will need to establish an area in your yard that is free from pesticides. Once you have your location, you can put a boarder down to keep the soil from eroding. Natural large rock work excellent as a boarder. Put down a weed mat or a cardboard base. The weed mad or cardboard will act as a weed barrier. Pour soil into the contained area and rake until it’s level. Once the soil and outside temp is above 50 degrees, you can start planting your magnificent garden.

I just started a new garden. I have several on my property. I chose an area in my back yard and I decorated it with colorful solar lights, bird feeders for now (which will be changed to flowers in the late Spring). I dedicated it to our sweet rescue dog Charlie that recently passed away in March of 2023. Click below to see our rescue story https://arose4sharon.wordpress.com/2019/02/16/rescue-me-part-4-of-a-5-part-series/

As soon as it gets warm enough I will begin planting. I will be planting a variety of butterfly attracting flowers such as cone flowers, liatris, dahlia, zinnas, butterfly bush and phlox to name a few.

Host plants are a necessity in your garden. Swallowtails will lay their eggs on parsley, dill and fennel. Monarch will only lay their eggs on milkweed plants. Milkweed is great due to the fact not only do the monarchs lay eggs on the plant, it also produces beautiful fragrant flowers for the monarch butterfly to feed on. Note: Milkweed is very spready and will overtake your area if you do not pick the pods once they pop. When my pods pop, I collect the seeds and either sell them or make seed packets and teach others how to make a butterfly garden. Note: Milk week seeds need to “overwinter” meaning keep them in a very cool/cold place before planting. I put mine in the basement for a few months, then transfer them to the freezer 30-60 days prior to planting outside in the ground.

I will be posting an update as soon as the garden is establised and growing.

If you would like to purchase a butterfly garden seed starter kit, please email me with your name and address, then venmo me @sharon-connors $10.00, or you can donate directly through my St. Jude’s page. I am on the St. Jude’s volunteer committee this year. The kit contains fennel & dill seeds (Host plants for swallowtails) and Wild flower mix which includes milk weed seeds (Host plants for Monarchs) Below are the 3 seed packets you will receive in the kit and I will throw in a complimentary seed packet of forget me nots which are a lovely blue color!! Below the seed packet photos are actual photos of my back yard and house with monarchs, swallowtails and caterpillars!!

I will mail you the packet with instructions. ALL PROFITS ARE DONATED TO ST. JUDE’S CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL. My Official St. Jude’s Page https://fundraising.stjude.org/site/TR/Walk/Walk?pg=personal&fr_id=144744&px=6705100

All the below pictures are from my own back yard

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