Plastic and Foam

Through my job, I had the opportunity to learn about plastic and petroleum based products that are dumped into the ocean. Only 9% of the plastic recycled actually gets recycled. The rest of it goes into landfills, oceans and streams. 83% of drinking water has microplastic in it. The largest store of Co2 is the ocean. It stores thousands of gigatons of Co2. With the barrier reefs being destroyed along with the plankton this world is being destroyed. By the year 2050 any fish or crustacean that comes out of the ocean will be toxic, un-edible due to the fact they will contain more plastic than their being.

It was brought to my attention by a new product my company is offering and using. It’s tree free, plastic free, and compostable! They developed a sustainable product from the waste of agricultural products like sugarcane and wheat which are usually burned and crates pollution.

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