Honda CR-V Break and Rotor Problems

In 2017 I purchased a new 2016 left over Honda CR-V with no miles on it for my daughter. It’s been a dependable and reliable form of transportation for over 2 years. It’s great on gas and it has plenty of room.

In June of 2019 with ONLY 21,000 miles on the vehicle, there was an issue with rear brakes. I recently noticed a scraping sound when applying the brakes. I took it into the dealer to have it checked out. It also needed an inspection sticker so I figured I’d get both done at the same time.

The mechanic told me that I needed a new rear rotor, caliper and brake pads. He said the caliper seized causing premature damage to the rotor and the pads. I asked him why does a caliper seize and why didn’t any of the others seize? The mechanic rattled off many reasons why this would happen. #4 is my favorite reason. Really? Bad luck? No one I know that has a Honda CR-V ever had any issues with brakes or bad luck. Here are the reasons I was given:

#1. Excessive Break Dust

#2. Driving with the emergency brake on

#3. Vehicle sitting for too long

#4 Bad luck

#5 Poorly lubed brakes

#6 A rock or stick got caught in the brakes causing them to seize.

#7. The mechanic said he sees this all the time and he suggested I have the brakes cleaned & lubed every 10,000 miles to prevent this happening in the future.

I asked to see the damage with my own eyes. I viewed the damage and it was in fact damaged. My question is WHY did the caliper seize up? I wasn’t convinced all the reasons the mechanic was telling me. The vehicle only had 21,000 miles on it and I DON’T drive with the emergency brake on. I mean really, who does that?

After a long conversation about warranty and defective calipers, I lost the battle and had to fork out $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to pay for the full repair.

Being unsatisfied with the outcome of the dealer, I called Honda directly. I was on hold the 1st time for 18 minutes. Finally someone answered and asked me my name and then the phone got disconnected, like someone hung up on me. I called back and the same thing happened. I was not happy! After 20 more minutes, I was able to speak to someone who told me that the seized caliper was normal wear and tear and not covered under warranty. I asked the customer service rep WHY would only (1) caliper seize if it was NORMAL wear and tear. She had no answer for that. At least she didn’t say it was BAD LUCK! I know many people with Honda CR-V’s who have 124,000 miles and guess what? NO BAD LUCK with the calipers. A few of them have the original brakes! I also spoke to several mechanics who stated that’s extremely abnormal; however the dealer mechanic I went to said he sees this all the time. If that is true, why wouldn’t it be covered under warranty or a recall? Doesn’t seem right does it?

Does anyone else out there have a Honda CR-V or any Honda with rear caliper issues? Please respond.

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