IPE Deck Cost

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Our old pressure treated wood deck was badly damaged by a tree that fell on it a few years ago.  It was over 26 years old and made out of pressure treated wood that was splintering.  We didn’t want to rush into getting just any deck so we took our time and did a ton of research.  When I say “WE”, I mean my husband who is amazing and patient when it comes to finding the best of the best.  We wanted deck material that was durable yet good looking with low maintenance.  We also wanted a reliable and talented contractor. IPE Deck Cost is well worth the price.

We decided on IPE (pronounced EE-PAY).  This material is indigenous

webster.com/dictionary/indigenous to Central and South America.  It is one of the toughest and long lasting decking material available today.  IPE is very low maintenance. You do not have to worry about it growing mold and it will naturally fade to a silver color over time.  If you want to preserve the original color, apply IPE oil to the deck.

Instead of the traditional railing we chose Atlantis stainless steel cable rail system.  It looks AMAZING!  Cable Rail Pics.  We also decided to go with a mahogany lattice finish across the bottom which looks gorgeous.

Here are a few pictures of what our old deck looked like.  We were so very lucky that the tree didn’t destroy our sun room.

Let’s fast forward to after the clean up, design, demolition and reconstruction of the NEW deck.



The contractor that designed the deck was Ken from  https://www.hancockdecks.com/

We are extremely happy with all the work he did.  He was always on time, respectful, honest, and the communication was great.  Each day he would clean up what was taken down and didn’t leave any unsightly debris behind.  The project was started and completed in the timeline we were given even with a few rain/snow days.  Yes I said SNOW in New England in April.  If your looking for a new deck, this is the company to contact.

Now, bring on the sunshine so we can enjoy our deck!

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