Mold – Indoor and Outdoor

Mold.  Where is it hiding or is it hiding?

After doing a lot of research on mold I found it in quite a few places in my house!!

1.  MY PLANTS:   I started many seeds for my garden indoors as I do every year.  I grow tomatoes, green beans and milk weed for  my monarchs butterflies.  This is what I found in several of my plants.  It’s a white mold that grows  on the surface of the soil  It’s called saprophytic fungus.  The fungus doesn’t hurt the plant.  It’s just gross.  It’s caused by over watering and poor drainage.  To get rid of the fungus, simply scrape it off and toss it outside.  Put the plant in an area that has good ventilation and don’t over water.


2.  MY BATHROOM:  This was staring me in the face every day and I kept saying, “Geeeze, I need to clean this or get a new one”.  I opted to recycle it and get a new one at Walmart for $1.99  

Mold that is pink or orange is an irritant to many people.  It can cause breathing problems and mimic cold like symptoms.  This type of mold grows in damp and humid places like your bathroom.  In order to keep this type of mold out of your bathroom, you need to keep things dry and well ventilated.  Wipe down your shower and dry the hair guard each and every time you use the shower or tub.

3.  Fire Wood:  These pieces I found outside under the tarp.  You can clearly notice the white growths on the wood.  mushrooms-grow-wood.html

4.  Not the dogs water dish?  This was a little sneaky!  I was washing the dogs water dishes every day.  Now that I am looking for mold,  I noticed a “funny” smell.  I pried off the rubber gasket and was disgusted!  

Guess what I will be doing this weekend.   CLEANING

The molds I am most sensitive to are:  Fusarium What is Fusarium

Helminthosporium What is Helminthosporium_solani


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