Lasik Update Week 1

It’s officially been 1 week since the Lasik.

No more eye drops as of today.  As you recall I was using 2 different eye drops, one a steriod and the other an antibiotic in my eyes, PLUS a sterile rewetting drop every 2-3 hours.

Each morning when I wake up my eyes are a bit cloudy which is normal.  It takes about 1/2 hour for them to adjust.  That is mostly due to the build up of “stuff” in and around my eyes as they heal.  A warm, wet face cloth placed over my eyes for a few minutes takes care of that.

The instructions are not to wear eye make up for a week.  My doctor suggested to stretch that to 2 weeks if possible.  I will do that.  What the heck?  I already scared everyone in my office going without make up for an entire week….What’s one more week right?

My close up vision is challenging.  I have worn the cheater glasses for 2 years now so that wasn’t a surprise to me that I still needed them.  My doctor said that the close up vision will get slightly better than it is today within a few weeks, however, I will still require the cheaters for close up work.

All in all I am happy with the progress so far.  I am not one to take it easy and slow down so it’s a bit challenging for me.  I have 2 speeds.  Full speed ahead and sleeping.

My dogs have been so good the entire time.  I think they know that their “Mom” needs some TLC.  I am sure they will be back to their normal self as soon as I am.

2 Weeks Post Op

Woke up at 5:00 am and my eyes were a little blurry, which is normal.  The good news is each  morning my eye site gets sharper and sharper along with less cloudy.

I put in my Sustane Ultra eye drops Eyedrops however I experienced something different this morning.  There was pain in my right eye.  It felt like a pin poking me in the eye.   I gave myself an extra dose of the eye drops and the pain went away only to return an hour later.  I kept using the drops through out the day which made it feel better but only for a short time.

I ended up calling the doctor who asked me to come in.  When I arrived they took me right in and did a few vision tests which went fine.  He examined my eyes and tested them for dryness.  The doctor said my right eye was healing a little slower than the left and it still looked a little rough like sandpaper.  Yikes, that sounds bad.  He said don’t worry, and that I would be fine.

He changed my eye lubricating drops to something a little thicker and longer lasting.  It is called Refresh Optive. Single use drops  He also recommended a special night time eye lubricant which is Refresh PM Ointment or Genteal Ointment. Ointment It’s a thick ointment that stays in your eye all night and keeps them from drying out.  After I put them in I have to go right to bed because I can’t see much at all with that thick stuff in there.  I put on my eye shields and go to bed.

Update:  2 Week Post Op Plus 3 days, which brings us to Memorial Day Weekend.

In general my eyes are feeling better.  The right eye is still being a little stubborn.  They both felt good all day today until around 6:00 pm.  My eyes felt tired and I just wanted to close them.  I rested for a little while and they felt much better.

I’m not unhappy I got the Lasik.  I get impatient and want to see perfect NOW.  I need to chill out and in 2 more weeks all should be just fine.

Fast forward to August.  My vision is great.  The dry eye syndrome has gotten much better.  I only use the drop 3 x a day.  H O W E V E R……………………………………………………………..

I traveled to San Diego, California in mid August and 1 week after I got home I contracted a staph infection on the tip of my nose that spread to my eye!!!!   The very eye that I spent so much time and money on fixing.  It was brutal.  My eye was burning so bad I could hardly open it.  It was red, swollen, tearing like crazy and very painful!!  I called the lasik surgeon and they saw me right away.  I was put on a combo steriod and antibiotic eye drop to clear the infection out of my eye.  My vision was so very cloudy.  All I could see was white, no colors or no shapes of anything.   I was so scared I was going to lose my vision.  I mentioned to the eye dr that the tip of my nose was red and hurt.  That comment wasn’t taken seriously and they said to use the eye drops to clear the infection.

After 1 day it wasn’t much better so I went to my primary care doctor.  He put me on an oral antibiotic and said if I didn’t feel better in 24 hours to go to the ER. Within 1 week I was much better. It was so very scary.

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