Lasik Eye Correction Surgery

My 28 year old daughter recently had Lasik correction on her eyes.  She raved about it; telling me how wonderful it was and how clearly she can see now.  Her actual surgery is the video below.

I have had glasses since I was in the 4th grade.  I finally got contacts when I was 18 years old.  I am now 53 years old.  I wear my contacts every day and when I get home from work I take them out and put on my heavy, thick glasses.  The glasses have the super thin lenses however with my prescription they are still pretty thick.

After careful consideration I decided to just go for a consult.  The initial appointment was free and lasted about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  The criteria is as follows:

20-55 years of age

Nearsightedness up to a -9.00  (I was a -7)

Your cornea must be of normal thickness and curvature

Do not have Keratoconus or other corneal pathology

Lastly must be in good health

What is Lasik?  Learn More

Step #1  Consult  Schedule about 1.5 hours for this.

Step # 2 You can not wear your contact lenses for at least 3 weeks prior to your procedure.  The contacts actually change the shape of your cornea therefore you can’t wear them anymore.

Step #3 Your procedure.  I was very nervous.  I arrived 15 minutes early, signed and filled out a few forms and then in I went.  The doctor checked my prescription again and gave me a valium and 1/2.

He fully explained the risks and the benefits along with the entire procedure to me. 

We went into the procedure room where numbing drops were put in my eyes.  A cover was put over my left eye as they were working on the right eye first.  My eye was taped open, and then an object was placed over my right eye.  I felt a HUGE amount of pressure like my eye was going to pop out (but obviously it didn’t).  I lost sight completely for about 3 seconds…..Then the laser started.   I was instructed to look at the green light only.  Oh wow, but there were so many pretty red lights all around the green one…….I did my best and focused on the green light.  I smelled a burning smell.  It wasn’t bad or gross, just that smell of burning.  The procedure was so quick!   On to the left eye.  I was anticipating the pressure again and was able to breathe through it.  And once again, DONE so quickly.  Protective eye shields were taped over my eyes and I had to keep my eyes closed for at least 5 hours.

Step #4:  Husband picked me up and  took me home to SLEEP.  Sleep was good for the first 5 hours, and then I got a little bored.  I had to lay flat on my back for the entire time.  That is because of gravity and the cornea flap had to heal.  I eventually got out of bed after 7 hours and opened my eyes briefly.  I was amazed on how clear everything was even through the eye shields.  My eyes felt a little sticky.  Time for the eye drops.  2 different eye drops 4 X a day plus lubricating eye drops.  This sounds like alot but it’s really not.  I fell right into the routine easily.

You have a follow up visit with the doctor the very next day after the procedure and for me I have one more 7 days later and then a few weeks later and so on.   The visits are all included in the initial price.

I am now on day 5 after the procedure.  I feel great!  My eyes are healing quickly.  I am taking fish oil and some extra vitamin C to help with the healing.  I do experience dry eye thoughout the day but that’s normal.  That is what the lubricating drops are for.

Things to remember  DO NOT RUB or TOUCH your eyes!!!!!  More importantly NO EYE MAKE UP for 1 week.  My doctor said to hold off for 2 weeks if possible.

I need to wear my eye guards every night (for 1 week or more) and I also purchased some clear safety glasses to wear around the house.  I have 5 dogs and they do get excited to see me and they tend to jump a little.  The safety glasses are a good extra protection.

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