Kennel Cough

Get Well Soon Marcus 12-2018

Kennel Cough

Our poor boy.   He is 11 years old and due to the fact he has tracheal collapse, when he gets kennel cough it’s a long and stressful recovery for him and us, his humans.  He has contracted it several times in his doggie lifetime.

The most recent time, (aka now),  he got it from one of our other 2 dogs that went to the groomer.  3 days after getting groomed the other 2 dogs started coughing and sneezing like crazy.  That spread through the house quickly until all the dogs were coughing.

The good news?  3 out of the 4 dogs recovered within 3 days on the meds.  The bad news is Marcus is lagging behind.  All the dogs were prescribed Clavomax.  That didn’t seem to do the “trick” for Marcus so after consulting with our veterinarian he was switched to Baytril.  Cross your fingers this works quickly.

What is Kennel cough? It’s a infectious tracheobronchitis.  In simple English, it’s a doggie cold.

There are many different strains just like the human common cold.   The most popular cause is Bordetella bronchiseptica. 

Vaccines are helpful in preventing kennel cough however it doesn’t guarantee your dog won’t get it.  There are 3 forms of vaccines.  One is injection, the second is oral and the third is a mist.

Our dogs are doing the reverse sneeze thing, coughing and then gagging and spitting up white froth.  I am cleaning up the mess quickly and disinfecting the house and their beds.

Marcus Kennel Cough Episode

What is tracheal collapse?  It’s a condition where the windpipe begins to collapse.  Think of it this way; you put a straw in a thick milkshake and suck.  The straw usually collapses.  That’s what happens to dogs with tracheal collapse.

It’s common in small dogs, especially Yorkies.  Our Marcus is a Maltese Yorkie known as a Morkie.  We have switched his collar to a harness so it takes the pressure off of his neck at all times.   We also notified the groomer so the next time he does go they will be very careful with the harness they put around his neck to keep him still during the grooming process.

It took Marcus 2 weeks to show signs of improvement.  Today (2 weeks later) he is only coughing when he gets super excited or barks.  He is on the road to recovery.

Peek a boo

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