Rescue Me Part 5 of a 5 Part Series Rescue Dogs

As the title states;  “Last But Not Least”.     SOLD FOR $5.00 TO THE CONNORS FAMILY Rescue date October 20, 2012

October 20th, 2012.

We discovered there was a little female dog that needed rescuing.  She was at the HartfordAnimalShelter

A little history on the dog, she was found in a park in Hartford, CT dragging her leash behind her running through the park.  Did someone lose her or just let her go?  I wonder? 

We couldn’t bring all of our other dogs at once to meet her so we only took 1 of them to meet the new dog.  We decided to take Amber. Amber is very friendly and a good judge or character in other dogs.

The latest rescue is a terrier mix, beige with some orange on the tips of her ears.  She was cute but very shy and timid.  She seemed to be scared of her own shadow.  We played with her for a while.  She was playful and liked to give kisses.   We ended up signing the papers to adopt her a few days later.  She was a whopping $5.00.  She wasn’t spayed so we would need to get that done asap!  I held her on my lap on the ride home thinking of a name for her.  It was October and we were driving by a large pumpkin patch.  I looked at her, saw the orange hair on the tips of her ears.  That was it…. We would call her Pumpkin….Punky for short. 

The first few days were great.  Everyone got along fine.  Then, “IT” hit the fan.  It was potty time and I gathered everyone up to go down to the walkout basement and into the fenced in area to go to the bathroom.  Everyone made it to the bottom of the stairs and then I heard this horrendous scuffle with yipping, barking and growling!!!!  It was Punky and Riley going at it.  I was in a panic.  I had never experienced a dog fight before.  I grabbed Riley by the hind end, spun her around gently away from Punky and picked her up.  We all walked outside and I put Riley in a separate area of the pen.  I was so upset.  Thank goodness no one got hurt, including me.

Unfortunately Riley and Punky got into another fight a few days later and then again a few days after that.  We had a MAJOR decision to make.  We either have to keep Punky away from the other 4 dogs (just in case she fights with the others), hire a trainer, or bring her back to the animal shelter. 

11-14-2012 : 
 I searched and searched the internet for articles and advise on how to train an aggressive dog and how to fix “sibling rivalry”    I purchased a book from Cesar Millan

and went on his website, read until I was exhausted.  I studied why dogs are aggressive towards other dogs and how to fix it.   dog-aggressive

I was able to learn some pretty impressive things from the site and reading the books, however,  I needed some one on one personal help.  I decided to hire a trainer.  I wanted someone to come to my house and physically see what is going on here.  I decided on  Who You Gonna Call?

I highly recommend this training to any dog owner that is having issues with their dogs. As you have read, we have 5 small dogs. The 1st dog we purchased from a breeder and the other 4 are rescue dogs. The last rescue dog named Pumpkin arrived 3 weeks ago. She is a 2 year old female West Highlander Mix. We knew we needed professional help when she showed severe signs of aggression and fear.  She would snap, lunge and growl at the other dogs. I came to the decision we would have to find another home for the dog or find a miracle worker to fix this situation. I was in tears thinking about giving Pumpkin away. We decided we could not give up on the dog because obviously someone else did already.  We ended up calling a company called Bark Busters. When Scott arrived I was a bit nervous because not only was the new dog aggressive and barking at Scot the second he pulled in but, all the dogs were on their absolute worst behavior. A perfect scenario for Scot though.  I quickly learned that MY actions and behavior was 99% of the problem.  I wasn’t being the alpha dog or leader.  Scott taught me how to be the “leader of the pack”.  

The program is pretty intense, in a good way.  I saw instant results within the first 15 minutes of instruction, and within a few hours, I was amazed that my dogs were actually listening to us. No more jumping on us, no more barking at the doorbell, and the most important to us was no more fighting. We were able to have company this weekend and for the first time in a long time, I was not embarrassed on how much my dogs were barking or begging. I am very happy also with the email support I get from Scot when I have a question. He gets right back to me with an answer. Thanksgiving was certainly going to be a great one this year!

We found after a week the dogs were starting to revert to their original behavior.  We had to check ourselves because we were the ones that weren’t adhering to the program.  I thought the dogs were going to stay well behaved no matter what I did.  So each day I have to really watch MYSELF and adhere to all the thing I have learned.  

Look below who is playing with the neighbors dogs through the fence.  Prior to her training, she would be going crazy barking and scared to death. 

Elevated Pet Bed

Punky is staying and will remain a member of our family.  She even has her own stocking which we will put her name on it.

Her behavior is much, much better.  She is less stressed and trusts us completely.  She sometimes has issues with the other dogs still, and we have to keep her in check.

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