Rescue Me Part 4 of a 5 Part Series Rescue Dogs

Date of Rescue: 4-13-2011

I let them out

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We were not really looking for another dog, HOWEVER, (there’s  the “H” word again),  we received an email that there was an adorable small terrier mix that needed a new home.  The shelter named him “Scrappy”.

We went to the animal control center in Springfield, Mass adoptable cute dogs to visit him.  I found where his kennel was located in the facility.  I noticed he was barking and barking his head off.  I thought to myself,  “Wow, the last 3 dogs I had adopted were so calm, cool and collected”.  No barking like this guy.  I put myself in his paws and thought, he must be scared to death.   I asked the staff for a private viewing and we took him for a walk outside with our other male dog Marcus.   He was much better out of his kennel and really enjoyed being outside and away from all the other dogs.  I noticed he was marking everywhere!  He was not neutered yet so I am hoping that is why.    He seemed to get along with Marcus just fine and we were all happy with Scrappy. 

We brought Scrappy back inside and I had some alone time with him.  As I was playing with him I found out he already knew how to sit, stay and fetch.  He was obviously someones pet that got lost.  I felt so bad he was lost and felt just as bad for the owners that lost him.  I didn’t want him to spend another day in the shelter but I really needed to think about this.  We already have 3 dogs, maybe his owner will reclaim him?   After about 30 minutes a staff member came in to take Scrappy back to his kennel.  I said goodby to Scrappy and told the kind lady we needed to think about this adoption.  I turned to walk out of the room and then turned right back around to take a last glimpse at Scrappy.  What did I see??  Only Scrappy being adorable on his hind legs doing a dance like a circus dog.  His front paws waiving in the air and begging.  He was begging me not to leave him. Smooth move Scrappy!

On hind legs begging

How on earth could I walk away from THAT amazing performance.  I ran over to hug him and picked him up.  I gave him the infamous one liner  “I’ll be back”  and off they took him to get neutered.  Sorry Scrappy, HOWEVER this is a necessary requirement to be part of your new pack. 

We picked him up 3 days later.  He had some complications from the surgery.  He had scrotal swelling and bruising.  The poor guy.  His “you know whats” were bigger than he was.  The technician explained how to care for him and provided us with some medication for pain and swelling.  It looked worse than it actually was, so says the female human  LOL . Complications of neutering page.   Ouch   

So now the big decision?  What are we going to call this adorable little guy?  We decided on Charlie.  Sir Charlie Brown!  Charlie Brown  Not only was Charlie Brown my FAVORITE cartoon of all times, he was my favorite character because he love his dog SNOOPY! Snoopy


What I notice most when I adopt a dog, bring it home, nurture it and care for it,  is how their eyes and ears change from anxious and worried to calm and relaxed when in a warm & loving home.  Look at his eyes & ears in the photo below compared to all the others below that.  He has one “lazy ear” which is what I love most about him.


Likes riding in the stroller but prefers to walk

Pet Stroller

Pet gates and supplies

The brat pack

 Clicking on the links and ordering helps with the daily care of our rescue dogs.  Hair cuts, vet bills and food.

Me, Charlie & my niece
Time to play
I am a big boy, just look at my shadow   Remember the POOP Bags  
Charlie loves my sock and hides them in his crate

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